About Us

“The future of life on earth depends on our ability to take action. Many individuals are doing what they can, but real success can only come if there's a change in our societies and our economics and in our politics.” ~ David Attenborough

The Manchester Museum Shop is on a journey to be ‘people and planet friendly’. Our suppliers are carefully selected based on their sustainability credentials, company ethos and proximity to the Museum.   

We strive to reduce our carbon footprint by working with local suppliers and small businesses who can deliver products in small batches and often in person. 

Social enterprises and charities form a growing part of the organisations we source our products from, thereby helping to support the great work they are undertaking.

We actively scrutinise our supply chain, reduce our use of plastics in-store where possible and remove products with a limited lifecycle to further reduce our ecological impact.  

All orders sent out from the Museum are packaged in FSC certified recycled plastic-free packaging and our single use bags instore are all made of recycled paper.

We, like many others, still have a way to go and would welcome any feedback and suggestions. Please contact: museumshop@manchester.ac.uk