Handmade Soap - Wetherlam


The inspiration behind this bar - Wetherlam - is the most industrialised of The Lake District fells, dotted with slate and copper mines. Alfred Wainwright assured however that 'this fine hill [...] is too vast and sturdy to be disfigured and weakened by man's feeble scratchings of its surface.' The rugged foundations of this peak have been echoed in the activated charcoal and deep vanilla fragrance in the base of this soap, while light lavender scents the upper white portion. Exfoliating blue poppy seeds have been scattered on the top.

As with all Little Northern Soaphouse soaps, this bar is 100% vegan, cruelty free, palm oil free and packed full of moisturising oils and butters. Fragrance is kept to a minimum so you can happily use this soap on your face as well as hands and body.

Approx. 100g

Price £6.50